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Monday, 20 May 2019

panic board -updates

New to the Blog
raindance 30th birthday all 4 arenas 2019
Slammin Vinyl-Old Skool-Rat Pack--02.02.2001
helter skelter being up dated now  Energy 96 - Club Kenetic & Odyssey
heat & One Nation perfect combo prt III-8 pk 1993
heat summer 1999 -8 pk
quest more than just a good friday 5 x 2 pks
pycosis 4 pk 1993
tick tock -hardcore and techno 4 pcks 1996
heat --still ripping these packs tape player down at the moment still got one good pler so a bit slow 
innavation south meets north pk 1 nd 2
eclipse blast from the past vol 1 
hystira 8 jungle dnb 1995
hystira 8 happy hardcore techno 1995
hystira 9 happy hardcore 1995
hystira 11 happy hardcore techno 1996
hystira 11 dnb 1996
hystira 12 being done now
hystira 21 hardcore
hystria 22 techno
Double Dipped singles 1995
United Dance-Oldskool 8PK-11.05.2002
Urban Jungle-vol one vol 2 vol 3
hystira pck covers going up
elevation packs up dated
Universe ,doule dipped and hystriea packs being ripped
club kinetic 1996 xmas 6 pack up 



    1. thank yo so much its great to no others are willing to help and share =) i got a massif stack ready to be ripped so alot more to go up