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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Dance Trance - Events

LTJ Bukem-Dance Planet-Summer Dance Fest-Aug1992.MP3                                                               SS-Dance Planet-Summer Dance Fest-7thAug1992.MP3

Ratpack-Dance Trance-Capital Punishment 1992.MP3
Slipmatt-Dance Trance-Capital Punishment 1992.MP3
Stu Allen-Dance Trance-Capital Punishment 1992.MP3
Top Buzz-Dance Trance-Capital Punishment 1992.MP3                                                                 

Doc Scott-Dance Trance-25.03.1993.MP3                                                                                
Fabio-Dance Trance-25.03.93.MP3                                                                                       
Fallout-Dance Trance-25.03.93.MP3                                                                                     Grooverider-Dance Trance-25.03.93.MP3                                                                                      
Rat Pack-Dance Trance-25.03.93.MP3

Carl Cox-Dance Trance-Shellys Oct 1993.MP3                                                                                
Rat Pack-Dance Trance-Shellys Oct 1993.MP3                                                                                  Ratty-Dance Trance-Shellys Oct 1993.MP3                                                                                     

Fallout-Dance Trance-We Have The Technology -11.11.1994.MP3  
Rat Pack-Dance Trance-We Have The Technology-11.11.1994.MP3       

Scorpio & Producer-Dance Planet-Tecnomaina On The Planet Of Love-1995.MP3                                                                                                                                                                                       


  1. Hey i have helter skelter nearly all events dreamscape nearly all events slammin vinyl nearly all events hardcore heaven nearly all events and one nation mp3 rips of my old tapes are you needing any? totals around 156gb great set of tapes so far man thanks for the upload

    1. hello m8 i dont no who are as your name isnt comming up bro add me on fb phill restall