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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Helter Skelter

Shout out to Sanantha Allan 👍welcome to the group
Ratty-Helter Skelter 03.12.1993.MP3                                                                                     
Dr S Gachet-Helter Skelter 03.12.1993.MP3                               
Slipmatt-Helter Skelter 03.12.1993.MP3
Aztec-Helter Skelter-Pk 3-Tecnodrome 4Pk-17.09.1993.MP3
Mach One-Helter Skelter-Pk 3-Tecnodrome 4Pk-17.09.1993.MP3
HMS-Helter Skelter-Pk 3-Tecnodrome 4Pk-17.09.1993.MP3
Colin Favor-Helter Skelter-Pk 3-Tecnodrome 4Pk-17.09.1993.MP3

Swan E-Helter Skelter-Bank Holiday Bash-Pk 3-29.04.1994.MP3
Hype-Helter Skelter-Bank Holiday Bash-Pk 3-29.04.1994.MP3
SS-Helter Skelter-Bank Holiday Bash-Pk 3-29.04.1994.MP3
Swane E-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
Dance-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3                                                                                                                           
Mark EG-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
Intense-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
Mach 1-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
The Producer-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
Brisk-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
Aztek-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
Dave Angel-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
The Musicmaker-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3
Clarkee-Helter Skelter-5 Years In The Making-Tecnodrome 8 Pk-16.09.1994.MP3

Colin Favor-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
Madness(USA)-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
Callie-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
Marie Chantall-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
Brenda Russell-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
The Warlock-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
Frankie Valentine-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
The Musicmaker-Helter Skelter-Technodrome 8 Pk-25.11.1994.MP3
Dance-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3                                                                             
Destruction-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3
Phantasy-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3
Ramos-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3
Randall-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3
Rap-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3
Seduction-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3
Slipmatt-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3
Dougal-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3                                                           
Grooverider-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3                                                                     
Hype-Helter Skelter-8 Pk-14.04.1995.MP3                                                                               

Hype-Helter Skelter-The Discovery 8 Pk-01.06.1996.MP3
Lomas-Helter Skelter-The Discovery 8 Pk-01.06.1996.MP3



nye 1996 pk 1 
   pk 2 nye    

nye pk 3



dndb pack 



Randall-Helter Skelter-Energy 97-Lost City 12 Pk-09.08.1997.MP3
Billy Bunter-Helter Skelter-Energy 97-Lost City 12 Pk-09.08.1997.MP3 

Ellis Dee-Helter Skelter- Human Nature-Drum & Bass 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3
Grooverider-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Drum & Bass 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3
Micky Finn-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Drum & Bass 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3 
SS-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Drum & Bass 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3                                                                                                                                                 
Clarkee-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Techno 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3
Loftgroover-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Techno 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3
M Zone-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Techno 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3                              
Mark EGMis Chief-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Techno 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3
Mis Chief-Helter Skelter-Human Nature-Techno 8 Pk-06.06.1998.MP3

by reqest of  Matt Rotherham
Swane E-Helter Skelter-Energy 98-Old Skool 8 Pk-08.08.1998.MP3

nye 1998

Andy C-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Darren Jay-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Frenzic-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Kenny Ken-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Grooverider-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Micky Finn-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Randall-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Ray Keith-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
Nicky Black Market-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3
The Rush Hour-Helter Skelter-Lost In Music-27.03.1999.MP3



SS-(98-99)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3                                                    Kenny Ken(98-99)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3                                         Nicky Black Market-(97)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3                              Krust-(2002)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3                                                Marky-(2002)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3                                                 Andy C-(97)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3                                                   Fabio B2B Ray Keith-(95-96)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3        
Bad_Company-(00-01)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3
Hype-(92-93)-Helter Skelter 10 Legendry Years-16.10.1999.MP3                            


XTC-Helter Skelter-The Awakening 12 Pk-24.02.2001.MP3



  1. Bro Thanks from: Santiago, CHILE

  2. no probs dennis theres more to go on m8 just been so busy with work bro glad ur injoying the free old skool =)

  3. Hiya mate, you haven't got the strings of life 1997 techno pack by any chance have you. That one was a belter.cheers

    1. yes i took a break from helter skelter but im back doing them now m8

  4. Hi jack have you ever come across Andy weatherall live @ golden by any chance.great selection here btw fair do's

  5. hi jack the tape ripper
    Do you have the artwork for helter skelter energy 96 as that the only artwork i need to complete the set

    1. if you send me a message on fb i can send you the full cover i dont like puttingthe full covers up on here as i dont want pepoel to abuse the fact and make fake cd packs ..phill restall