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Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Edge-Coventry-Events -Up date Rat Pack se 08 cd very rare is now on =)

Ellis Dee-The Edge A2 Series-1992.MP3
Grooverider-The Edge-A2 Series-1992.MP3
Rap-The Edge-A2 Series-1992.MP3
Ratty-The Edge-A2 Series-1992.MP3
SS-The Edge-A2 Series-1992.MP3
Fabio-The Edge-A6 Series-1992.MP3

Micky Finn-The Edge-A3 Series-1992.MP3
Seduction-The Edge A3 Series-1992.MP3
Slipmatt-The Edge-A3 Series-1992.MP3
Top Buzz-The Edge-A3 Series-1992.MP3

Carl Cox-The Edge-A4 Series-1992.MP3
Fabio-The Edge-A4 Series-1992.MP3
Jumping Jack Frost-The Edge-A4 Series-1992.MP3
Raty-The Edge-A4 Series-1992.MP3

Jumping Jack Frost-The Edge-A5 Series-1992.MP3

Fabio-The Edge-A6 Series-1992.MP3
Kieth Suckling-The Edge-A6 Series-1992.MP3

Grooverider-The Edge-A8 Series-1993.MP3
Ellis Dee-The Edge-A8 Series(other side 2 Slipmatt)-1993.MP3
Slipmatt-The Edge-A8 Series(other side 2 Ellis Dee)-1993.MP3
Micky Finn-The Edge-A8 Series-1993.MP3
Seduction-The Edge-A8 Series-1993.MP3
Slipmatt-The Edge-A8 Series-1993.MP3
Top Buzz-The Edge-A8 Series-1993.MP3

Carl Cox-The Edge-B1 Series-1993.MP3
Doc Scott-The Edge-B1 Series-1993.MP3
Micky Finn-The Edge-B1 Series-1993.MP3
Ratty-The Edge-B1 Series-1993.MP3

Top Buzz-The Edge-B2 Series-1993.MP3
Grooverider-The Edge-B2 Series-1993.MP3
Carl Cox-The Edge-B2 Series-1993.MP3
Ratty-The Edge-B2 Series-1993

Slipmatt-The Edge-B3 Series-1993.MP3
Jumping Jack Frost-The Edge-B3-1993.MP3
Grooverider-The Edge-B3Series-1993.MP3

Micky Finn-The Edge-Pisces-1993.MP3
Bryan Gee-The Edge-Pisces-1993.MP3
Doc Scott-The Edge-Pisces-1993.MP3
Scorpio-The Edge-Techno Tunes.MP3
Druid-The Edge-Techno Tunes.MP3
Clarkee-The Edge-Techno Tunes Vol 2 Series 2.MP3
Clarkee-The Edge-Techno Tunes Vol 3 Series 2.MP3
H.M.S-The Edge-Techno Tunes Vol 5 Series 2.MP3
Clarkee-The Edge-Techno Tunes Vol 6 Series 2.MP3
M Zone-The Edge-Techno Tunes Vol 7 Series 2.MP3
Druid-The Edge-Techno Tunes Vol 9 Series 2.MP3
M Zone-The Edge-Techno Tunes Vol 10 Series 2.MP3

Top Buzz-The Eclipse & The Edge-Old Skool 1990-1994.MP3

Andy C-The Edge-Kings Of The Jungle-11.12.1993.MP3
Ash-The Edge-Kings Of The Jungle-11.12.1993.MP3
Brockie-The Edge-Kings Of The Jungle-11.12.1993.MP3
Hype-The Edge-Kings Of The Jungle-11.12.1993.MP3
MC I.D-The Edge-Kings Of The Jungle-11.12.1993.MP3
Randall-The Edge-Kings Of The Jungle-11.12.1993.MP3
Ron-The Edge-Kings Of The Jungle-11.12.1993.MP3

 Mickey Finn-The Edge-Sounds Of The Jungle-Vol 1 Series 2.MP3

cooming up soon
Rat Pack-The Edge-SE Series 08.MP3

Ratty-The Edge SE Series-SE05 The Edge Experience.MP3

Grooverider Alive-The Edge-SE Series-SE03-The Edge Experience.MP3

Ellis Dee-The Edge-SE06-The Ultimate Trip Studio Mix.MP3

Dougal-The Edge-Happy Hardcore.MP3
Brisk-The Edge-Happy Hardcore Vol 7.MP3
Slipmatt-The Edge-Happy Hardcore Vol 2.MP3
Hixxy-The Edge-Happy Hardcore Vol 3 Series 2.MP3

more single tapes being sorted
Grooverider-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3
Ellis Dee-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3
Swan E-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3
Micky Finn-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3
Brisk-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3
Druid-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3
Seduction-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3
Vinylgroover-The Edge-Pulse-Vol 1-1994.MP3

Grooverider-The Edge-6 Of The Best SP1.MP3
Jumpin Jack Frost-The Edge-6 Of The Best SP1.MP3
Ratty-The Edge-6 Of The Best SP1.MP3
The Rat Pack-The Edge-6 Of The Best SP1.MP3
Top Buzz-The Edge-6 Of The Best SP1.MP3
Slipmatt-The Edge-6 Of The Best SP1.MP3

Fabio-The Edge-1st Birthday-1993MP3.MP3
Grooverider-The Edge-1st Birthday-1993.MP3
Jumping Jack Frost-The Edge-1st Birthday-1993.MP3
LTJ Bukem-The Edge-1st Birthday-1993.MP3
Ratpack-The Edge-1st Birthday-1993.MP3
Randall-The Edge Birthday-1993.MP3

Jumping Jack Frost-The Edge-6 Pk SP3.MP3
Stu Allan-The Edge-6 Pk SP3.MP3
Slipmatt-The Edge-6 Pk SP3.MP3 
Marcus E Block-The Edge-6 Pk SP3.MP3
Dr S Gachet-The Edge-6PK-SP3.MP3
Micy Finn-The Edge-6Pk-SP3.MP3

Ratty-The Edge-6 Pk-SP4.MP3
Mickey Finn-The Edge-6 Pk-SP4.MP3
Randall-The Edge-6PK-SP4.MP3
Ray Keith-The_Edge-6PK-SP4.MP3
Slipmatt-The Edge-6PK-SP4.MP3
Carl Cox-The Edge-6PK-SP4MP3.MP3
Fabio-The Edge-6PK SP5.MP3
LTJ_Bukem-The Edge-6PK SP5.MP
Ellis Dee & Jumping Jack Frost-The Edge-6PK SP5.MP
Randall-The Edge-6PK SP5.MP
Ratty-The Edge-6PK SP5.MP
Rat Pack-The Edge-6PK SP5.MP

Jumping Jack Frost-The Edge-The Striped 6 Pk.MP3
Mickey Fin-The Edge-The Striped 6 Pk.MP3
Randall-The Edge-The Striped 6 Pk.MP3
Ratty-The Edge-The Striped 6 Pk.MP3
Ray Keith-The Edge-The Striped 6 Pk.MP3
SS-The Edge-The Striped 6 Pk.MP3

Brisk & Shock C-The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3
Clarkee-The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3
Dougle--The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3
Ellis Dee--The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3
Kenny Ken-The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3
Lomas-The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3
Ratty--The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3
Slipmmat-The Edge-The Awakening 8 Pk.MP3

Ellis Dee-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3- thank you Rick Hibbert for telling me =)
Kenny Ken-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3
Marc Smith-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3
Mark EG-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3
Ratty-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3
Seduction-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3
Swanee-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3
Top Buzz-The Edge-Pulse 2.MP3

Hype-The Edge-Pulse Vol 3-1995.MP3
Rap-The Edge-Pulse Vol 3-1995.MP3
Ratty-The Edge-Pulse Vol 3-1995.MP3

Randall & Slipmatt -The Edge-1994.MP3
Grooverider-The Edge-1994.MP3
Fabio & Hype-The Edge-1994.MP3
Kenny Ken & Dr S Gachet-The Edge-1994.MP3
Simon Bassline Smith-The Edge-1994.MP3
Ellis Dee-The Edge-1994.MP3
Lomas-The Edge-1994.MP3
Ray Keith-The Edge-1994.MP3

Ratty-The Edge-The Final Chapter.MP3
Top Buzz-The Edge-The Final Chapter.MP3
Fabio-The Edge-The Final Chapter.MP3
Jumpin Jack Frost-The Edge-The Final Chapter.MP3
Micky Finn-The Edge-The Final Chapter.MP3
Grooverider-The Edge-The Final Chapter.MP3

1 comment:

  1. Guy I've just stumble across this site and all I can say is wow, nice job. I totally appreciate the effort you've put into this.

    As an outsider and a fellow tape ripping enthusiast I would say that you don't need to have any volume on the mic as it tends to distort some of the tape.

    What I would suggest that you check that you have an internal mic via the recording properties, click the advanced option then check the signal audio enhancement on. You'll then be able to record with your mic level on zero on audacity but still have all the sound and not worry about clipping and distorting the recording and picking up all the hiss ( white noise )

    Hope this helps.