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Monday, 13 November 2017


just have to ripp the video and edit it then that is all th flash back i have ..please share

Vibes & Dougal-Flashback-Old Skool Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Ellis Dee & Easygroove-Flashback-Old Skool Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Mistress Mo & Pilgrim-Flashback-Old Skool Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Sy & Seduction-Flashback-Old Skool Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Stu Allan & Daz Willot-Flashback-Old Skool Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Shy FX 93-96 dnb Set-Flashback-Old Skool Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Grooverider & Lenni 93-95 dnb Set-Flashback-Old Skool Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3

Ratty & Pace-Flashback-DnB Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Donovan BB Smith & Dr S Gachet 1997 Set-Flashback-DnB Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Hype & Lenni 1995-1997-Flashback-DnB Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Kenny Ken & Brockie-Flashback-DnB Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Micky Finn & Darren Jay-Flashback-DnB Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3
Ned Ryder & Nexus-Flashback-DnB Best B2B Specials-2001.MP3

Dougal-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old Skool-07.09.2002.MP3
Mickey_Finn-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old Skool-07.09.2002.MP3
Mistress Mo And Pilgrim-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old Skool-07.09.2002.MP3
Pilgrim-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old Skool-07.09.2002.MP3
Mistress Mo-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old Skool-07.09.2002.MP3
SL2 Slipmatt And Lime -Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old Skool-07.09.2002.MP3
SY-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old_Skool-07.09.2002.MP3
Top Buzz-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-Old Skool-07.09.2002.MP3

Mickey Finn-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3
Jo Jo Rock-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3
Nicky Blackmarket-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3
Bryan G-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3
Pace-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3
Hype-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3
Grooverider-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3
Mistress Mo-Flashback-Farewell To The Que Club-DnB-07.09.2002.MP3

Grooverider-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Mampi Swift-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Jumpin Jack Frost-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Ratty-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Mistress Mo-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Pilgrim-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Mark E G & M Zone-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Rat Pack-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Nicky Blackmarket-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
The Live PAs
Altern8-Live PA-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Baby D-Live PA-Fashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3
Vibes-Live PA--Flashback-5 Years 1996-2001.MP3

Mickey Finn-Flashback-5 Years-1996-2001.Ltd Edition CD.MP3
Sy-Flashback-5 Years 1996-2001.Ltd Edtion CD.MP3

commin up soon 


  1. many thanks-i guess this is a rare tape pack

  2. To be honest m8 I don't no I was in the army when this came out just brought a teac ad850 so now when i have time i can rec up to 4 tapes a hour ...just got a.shed load of judgement day single tapes 90 in total 😁

  3. Hey buddy, just stumbled across your wicked website and going to try and start downloading some stuff tomorrow. Just wanted to ask - curious about your opinion on the teac ad850 as just noticed you'd mentioned its your tape ripping tool of choice. Been thinking of getting one to rip some old tapes but was disappointed to read it only rips tapes to 128k bit rate. Was wondering if you know if theres any way round this to rip to 320 or do u think it rips at such good sound quality that 128 is good enough? Would really appreciate your opinion mate...

  4. To be honest it is a great system I find it very handy or I have to use my hifi with a phono male to male lead to the headphone and mic but then it's the tape plAyer it can still chew tapes up even new tape players do it I had a sony 4 tapes in chewed but I have used the ad850 for over 4 months and never had a problem at all is simple to use so I can get on sorting my music files out on the pc other wise you have to wait for the tape to stop..128k is good enuf trust me m8 I use magix music maker to edit and sort the sound out some times takes a few min some times 30 min but to get better sound from the ripped tape I no its a lot of money for the ad850 but it's werth it I wen to richer sounds got a best deal there m8..I'm on fb if you want to add me phill restall ...also if you want to store you tape rips on line and access them any were media fire is good 10 gig for free it's what I use goto over 20 a counts lol soon as they say you can't make any more e mails from this phone just get a free pay as you go use that number to make another 10 e mail acounts this is how I do the blog and then post the links on here so there all together ..hope I been of some help still recovering from fusion 😀

  5. Hi guys,
    Phil (Noizee B) here from Cov. I run the Bassment Sessions Soundcloud you may have seen.
    Just wanna say thanks for the Flashback conversions. I actually borrowed all of these packs and you have saved me the job of ripping them! I do have the 4th birthday pack so will upload this.

    Big thanks for this and keep up the good work. Respect.

  6. oi oiiii noizee B no probs m8 glad i could help m8 this is what its all about bro =)

  7. Hey bro, awesome site, many thanks for all these memories!
    Quick question, do you have the drum&bass pack for the flashback 6th b'day bash? That pack was banging!
    Keep up the good work!