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Monday, 16 September 2013

             How To Record Your Tapes And Vinyl Cheap

1. Down load Audacity the free music program link at the bottom of the page or use eny magix music maker about £20 pc world  .

2.Get a 3.5 stereo Jack Plug to 3.5 stereo Jack plug ,picture bottom of the page  .

3.Plug 3.5 Jack plug into headphone socket of the tape player hifi or i pod or eny device with a headphone socket

4.Always make sure you check the tape first. If the tape is snapped put a small amount of tape over the break you can edit this later as long as it plays you can save it to mp3 ,make sure your vinyl is clean .

5.Make sure u extend the rec line (top of the sound bar) so u get all the tape or vinyl and not just a few min 

6.WARNING CHECK SOUND IS LOW !! level 45 is about normal on your laptop or PC always do a trial run first to save time .

7. Click Record on the program first then pres play you can edit after and even turn up the sound if desired after the recording .

7.Recording from the inter net ,that you can only play and not down load ....Plug one end of the 3.5 into the headphone socket and the other into the MIC socket on the pc or laptop( this is  looping plugging in the stereo cable in both sockets so the sound goes out the headphone socket and is picked up by the mic socket )this works as good as taking the sound from a external source.

8.Eny problems please get in touch ... Jack The Tape Ripper =)

Free Music Recording Program- Audacity web page-click here  
3.5mm to 3.5mm cable used to record

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