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Sunday, 13 May 2018


shout out to luke harison Old Skool Jungle Dnb Sets To Download crew on fb sorry took so long bro but its getting there 😁 6th birthday now on and all packs in order of event

comming soon 11.02.1995

Andy C-Roast-The 4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Fly-Roast-4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Grooverider-Roast-4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Jumping Jack Frost-Roast-The 4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Nicky Blackmarket-Roast-4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Ron-Roast-4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Younghead B2B SL-Roast-The 4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Arena 2
Jason J-Roast-The 4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3
Mikey B-Roast-The 4th Birthday-14.10.1995.MP3

Killer-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3.MP3
SS-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
EFX-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
Jumpin Jack Frost-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
Footloose-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
Hype-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
Grooverider-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
Kenny Ken-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
Randall-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3
Ron-Roast-Land Of The Giants-Prt3-19.07.1996.MP3

vol 5 comming soon

Mickey Finn-Roast-Astoria-1994.MP3
Darren Jay-Roast-Astoria-1994.MP3
rest comming soon
commin soon 17.02.1996

comming soon 01.02.1997

Brockie-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3
Jumping Jack Frost(Tape 1)-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3
Jumping Jack Frost(Tape 2)-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3
Kenny Ken-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3
Nicky Blackmaket-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3
Rob Foster B2B Brooklyn-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3
Ron Rob Foster B2B Brooklyn-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3
Ian Jay (House Garage)-Roast-6th Birthday-Final Chapter-04.09.1997.MP3

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