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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Urban Jungle

some of these have been taken from other events and re packaged as they did back in the day 😖

Slipmatt-Urban Jungle-1995.MP3

this pack mostly taken from world dance events 
Bad Company-Prt 1-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3
Bad Company-Prt 2-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3
Nicky Blackmarket-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3
Andy C-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3
Jumping Jack Frost-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3
Hype-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3
Kenny Ken-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3
Mickey Finn-Urban Jungle-Vol One-8PK.MP3

this pack mostly taken from warning events 
Goldie-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8 PK.MP3
Fabio-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8 PK.MP3
Bad Company-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8 PK.MP3
Mickey Finn-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8_PK.MP3
Hype-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8 PK.MP3
Optical-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8 PK.MP3
Ray Keith-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8 PK.MP3
Grooverider-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-8 PK.MP3
shy Fx tape 8 side B to to optical to distorted

Rap-Urban Jungle-Vol 2-4PK.MP3
Trouble On Vinyl-Urban Jungle-Vol 2-4PK.MP3
Hype(On 3 Decks)-Urban Jungle-Vol Two-4 PK.MP3
Nicky Blackmarket-Urban Jungle-Vol 2-4PK.MP3

Bad Company-Urban Jungle-Vol Three-4 PK.MP3
Grooverider-Urban Jungle-Vol Three-4 PK.MP3
Andy C-Urban Jungle-Vol Three-4 PK.MP3
Hype-Urban Jungle-Vol Three-4 PK.MP3
Total Science-Urban Jungle-Vol Three-4 PK.MP3

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